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Basmati Rice Shortage

🙏🏻India’s move on not exporting basmati white rice made people in USA start panicking and rushing towards food markets with having to buy 12-15 bags all at once. There were big lines with many bags in hands of the consumers worried about not able to buy more rice anytime soon.

🧐Indian government realized that not having enough crop for local people and minding the inflation rates affecting the lower class people made them not to export anymore.

😌Russia backed out of a deal to allow Ukrainian wheat safe packaging through Black Sea and short warnings lead to action rising in prices.

🥲This move by Indian government plays a significant role in having shortage world wide due to India is the largest producer and exporter of wheat and rice in the world. Some economists suggested that they need to reconsider there move on ban.

😇People are so used to have this specific type of rice that will make them go try different type of brand will cause some serious damage to overall economy of food supply and demand chain.

Special thanks to for updating us on recent problems that we are facing.

Did you stand in line for rice at Indian grocery stores?

Let me know how was your experience?


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