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Calm your mind with food

Uma Naidoo’s book, “Calm Your Mind With Food: A Revolutionary Guide to Controlling Your Anxiety”

She talks about how our food choices can affect our mental health. Specific food choice can make a significant difference in our gut health to all the up our minds health.

In short everyone knows that we are what we eat. Now growing research suggests and proves that our food habits can affect our mind.

She highlightes our gut has a constant communication with mind about food, hunger, appetite and mood swings. We need to understand that food has consequences to our psychological well being and also it affects our lifestyle.

Some of the food that she suggested was of course wholesome fruits and vegetables but be specific green leafy veggies, broccoli, orange, avacados, green tea, extra dark chocolate, omegas from chia and flex seeds, beans and lentils.

She advises people to avoid refined carbohydrates, such as refined wheat flour; foods high in added sugars and those made with artificial sweeteners; and the unhealthy fats commonly found in packaged snacks and deep-fried foods.

Anti anxiety or anti depression diet will help to lower the symptoms and make you feel more calm. You will have good relationship with your loved ones. Overall happiness in your life and social interactions with others.

I hope this article finds helpful information that you can share it with your loved ones.

Please feel free to contact me if you need help.



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