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Meditation for Weight loss

😍Either find your favorite YouTube videos watch it, read it or listen to it with right intention of loosing weight for 21 days along with natural clean vegan diet will help you get there.

☺️Close your eyes. Just like what you see in the picture. Relax your body. Feel the breath from going in and out of your body.

😊Release any tension from your muscles. Feel your eyes, senses, back, nack, shoulders almost all type of pain slowly going away. Let go of any negative emotions. Try to feel more comfortable from chest, lungs and heart. You can do these.

🥰Hips, pelvis, belly and rest of the legs are more relaxed. They feel more lighter and comfortable. You start to feel more relaxed from mind, body and soul. Think of happy moments of you being full and thirsty to drink more pure water. Feeling more mindfulness.

👊When you listen to your body you change your mental state of knowing what body wants and when to stop or feeling full. Our body is wonderful and smartest being that knows how to heel but it needs our little genoune help to get there.

👌Your body looks incredible. You look so happy and feel amazing. Happy all the time. Now do these for day by day to make significant change in your life.

👍I hope this activity fundamentally changes your life forever. A happy change. Please comment below if you find this information useful?



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