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Seated ab workout sculpts your core in just 10 minutes

When get tired of doing same types of exercises and want to see results this is the perfect exchange of doing planks.

I did a 10-minute seated ab workout, created by Donovan Green Fitness on YouTube to learn more. The workout doesn’t require you to have any additional equipment — all you’ll need is a sturdy chair (I recommend using one without wheels), and the motivation to blast your core.

For those of you who suffers a problem with in there back, can't lay down and injury in knee pain, have very limited space then this is excellent way to get your abs back.

Seated sit ups, leg marches, seated bicycle crunches

Ways to loose your belly fat vis exercising seated on the chair.

This workout is perfect for complete beginners who want to target their abdominal muscles without lying on their back, but it’s also one I’ll use again between meetings for a quick ab blast. The low-impact workout doesn’t put any stress on the joints or spine, so it's perfect for anyone recovering from an injury. 

Thanks to Jane McGuire for sharing such a article to have such a option when comes to exercising. She is also a Tom's Guide's Fitness editor, which means she looks after everything fitness related — from running gear and fitness trackers to yoga mats and sports bras.

Please comment below if you have tried anything like this at home. Trying chair as a exercising equipment? Wow what a option!


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