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Wellness shots

Updated: Apr 9

Types of shots for wellbeing.

(1). Ginger shot

(2). lemon shot

(3). Wheat grass shot

(4). Celery Shot

(5). Hot Shot: lemon, ginger, garlic, flex oil, cayenne powder

(6). Turmeric Shot

(7). Pineapple Shot

(8). Ginger and Turmeric shot

(9). Fresh Coconut water with electrolytes shot

(10). Electrolytes immunity Shot

(11). Pineapple with ginger Digestive immunity shot

(12). Kiwi, apple and super greens detox shot

(13). Blueberry, B12, Ginger Energy and immunity Boost shot

(14). Beetroot, Ginger Turmeric Anemia Shot

(15). Beetroot and Green Apple Stamina Shot

(16). Dragon fruit with B12, B6 energy shot

(17). Carrot with ginger juice shot

(18). Super green vegetables juice with lemon shot

(18). Pomegranate juice with lemon, ginger, agave syrup, turmeric and vitamin D drops immunity Shot

(20). Tomato juice shot to lower cholesterol level

(21). Mix Indian herbs such as mint, cilantro, curry leaves shot

(22). Mix American herbs such as rosemary, dill, parsley, basil, and thyme shot

(23). Orange juice with pineapple shot


There are many more.

Please feel free to suggest more.



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