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What’s in our Water

This website gives full report on water by ranking and what’s inside of it. Most of the plastic bottles such as Dasani, Pure Spring water, Fuji, smart water, alkaline water ..etc they are all made with either Tap water or has nano or micro plastic elements and cancer causing chemical which leads to chronic conditions in human body. Most serious one are even in baby’s famous Gerber water gallons are the most worst quality water.

This website also gives full report on where they get the water from and also describes by each city and famous state with their water quality with fake tags.

Following TikTok links gives partial report on what this website offers.

They are saying any plastic bottle water is bad for you. Due to nanoparticles and cancer causing chemicals. Even in kids gerber water containers. Try to get glass bottles or aluminum cans.

This website gives all information about it but more details reports you have to pay for it. $5 month.

The good brands are hard to find and most expensive. So where can we get it? Our everyday essential needs.

Problem is how much can you avoid? If water is not pure then imagine what’s in food?

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