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22 Ways to save Money at Whole Foods

Krazy Coupon Lady sharing her 22 tips when shopping at Whole Foods.

Remember the blue and yellow signs of Amazon and Amazon prime members. remember to scan in store code and use your own bags to get instant 10% off.

Delivery is not free anymore so try to pick at store to save money.

Use coupons, codes and working there helps to get extra percents off. Ibotta and checkout 51 for coupons.

Use manufactures and rebate coupons to save instant.

Take a advantage of prime day to get $10 on $10 off.

Use benefits with other to help friends and family.

Use other scanned receipts (Fetch Rewards)to get points and redeem wholefood giftcards to enjoy fresh organic produces.. use the giftcards in store rather than online.

Having prime memberships helps to get more advantageous on deals.

Whole Foods does accept EBT card.

More detailed information on Delivery and pick up at Whole Foods.

Lot more inside the article.

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