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3 Day Raw vegan Meal Plan

Yifat Malachi is a natural health consultant and a qualified raw-food educator based in Israel. 12 years into a raw vegan diet and a healthy lifestyle, including 3 energetic pregnancies, Yifat says that she feels blessed and filled with gratitude to wake up every day with a childlike zest, feeling energized and healthy in a way she didn't think was possible.

Yifat guides and supports people in improving their quality of life and general wellbeing using nutrition and lifestyle changes, with her online course "Unlocking Your Health - The Gateway to Raw Food". If you’re interested in adopting a raw food lifestyle, or if you tried and struggled, this is the course that will get you there. She guides women throughout their pregnancies to have vibrant, high energy, and healthy pregnancies, and also helps people heal from various chronic health conditions.

She’s a proud graduate from our Mastering Raw Food Nutrition 1-year program in 2017 and a qualified 80/10/10 chef by Dr. Douglas Graham. She’s a leader in the Israeli raw food community and manages the Israeli 80/10/10 Facebook group with over 45,000 members.

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