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7 Habits of Highly Nutritious People

Eating only when you are hungry.

Proffering raw to cooked foods and learning to enjoy them.

Having a handful of tender, leafy, raw greens everyday.

Enjoying juicy fruits of the season as much as possible.

Leaving animal foods of their plates.

Not stimulating the appetite with high-spiced and salty foods.

Choosing foods which are lighter to digest, assimilate and excrete.

Transformation is always possible in your life. It has to do with how much you are willing to release the past, and see the road ahead with a fresh pair of eyes. Don't let what has happened so far to be filter through witch you view of your future. Instead, clear the windows of your mind and always be ready for second chance!

These seven habits not only will change your life but it will also change your perspective, perception towards your own health. Instead of giving others control of your life. Now you can control it!

I hope this helps you understand little more about your health.

Let me know if you need help.


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