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BAPAS Acharya khichdi Recipe Famous recipe video


Ingredients: 1 cup Brown Rice, 1 Cup Toor Dal soak it for 30 minutes.

¼ cup peas, ½ cup rainbow carrots, ½ cup eggplant, ½ cup cauliflower, ½ cup cabbage, 1 tomato, 1.5 tablespoons of Sambhar Masala, 1 tablespoon red mirch powder, ½ tablespoon Turmeric.

Vagar: 2 Tablespoon avocado oil, ¼ teaspoon asafeta, 5 curry leaves,½ teaspoon mustard seeds, ½ teaspoon cumin seeds, 3 green chilies, ½ cup peanuts, ¼ cup ginger, 3 teaspoon salt 4- whistles in the pressure cooker. Garnish it with ½ cup cilantro. Serve it with papad.

Preparation: place your rice and dal mixture soak it for 30 minutes.

Into your pressure cooker do your vagar first on medium flame. Let the mustard seeds pop and cook the cumin seeds as well. Add asafeta, chillies and peanuts and grated ginger and cook that for 30 seconds.

Add all of your vegetables along with salt plus all the spices and add 2 glasses of water along with rice and dal mixture will do the magic. In the end garnise it with cilantro.

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