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✅SWEDISH MASSAGE: full body massage to release tension. Vibrations, tapping, and deep circulation motions types of techniques used to make you more relaxed.

⚡️💯HOT STONE MASSAGE: to release muscle pain and tension. This massage helps you feel more relaxed via relieving stree, and improving blood flow overall.

👃AROMATHERAPY MASSAGES: using scent to heal from emotional distress. It reduces symptoms of depression, relieve pain, anxiety and boost good mood.

💆‍♀️DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: more pressure than Swedish massage helps in recovery from injury, tightness, imbalance and soreness of muscle.

🤗SPORTS MASSAGE: relieve from injury to a muscle while playing sport. Helps in increases flexibility, relieve pain, reduce anxiety and improves overall performance.

🤔REFLEXOLOGY: applied gentle pressure on feet, hands and ears to restore natural energy levels. Reduce pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression and more relaxed body.

🧐SHIATSU MASSAGE: Japanese style Massage to relieve stress, pain and tension from physical and promotes emotional wellness. Helps relieve pain, headaches and improves mood.

😌THAI MASSAGE: flexibility, circulation and to get control and balance back of energy levels.

Other common Massages are prenatal, couples and chair massages.

😇LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGE: which encourages the lymph fluids to circulate through the body. Helps to remove toxins and get relieve from edema, stree, insomnia, skin disorders, arthritis and migraine.

🤩Please share this information with your loved ones to get more knowledgeable. Please do seek medical doctors, therapists, and massage technicians for assistance and to find out which massage is right for you. 🤩



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