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By Noom Benefits of Meditation

Check out all these benefits of meditation:

Immediate and short-term effects

Interrupts stress hormones like cortisol

Lowers anxiety

Calms your mind

Boosts focus

Lowers heart rate

Can lower blood pressure

Increases blood flow to the brain

Increases sense of well-being (yes, please)

Improves mood (oh, also this, thanks)

Long-term results

Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease

Boosts your immune system

Encourages brain development that supports positive thinking and healthy behavior

Lowers rates of pre-existing cardiovascular disease

Improves digestion (even if you ate a whole bag of baby carrots)

Ups focus

Boosts energy (kind of like coffee, but free and jitter-free)

Makes us less likely to react

Helps us pick helpful thoughts over not-so-nice ones.

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