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Climate Anxiety

Climate anxiety causes by global wormings. There is fear of loosing loved ones, fear of stability, starvation, work conditions, trapped, lost, support, community, social isolation, safety, unhappy, and rebuild.

Natural destruction can be found as earth warming up, volcanos, earth quake, floods, hurricanes, ice melting, wild fire, shortage of water supply, wild life disappearing, environmental crisis, emission of gases, over all healthcare, mental illness are rising and other unknown diseases are rising.

How to prevent climate anxiety or cope with it.

  • Get the latest knowledge

  • Educate and advocate

  • Thinking positive

  • Get professional help

  • Help out in society

  • Solar energy

  • Use of Electric power vehicles

  • Going vegan

  • Spread the awareness

  • Connect, find start living your life

  • There is no planet B

  • Focus on selfcare, selflove, meditation, mindfulness and yoga

  • Go within to find answers

  • Earthing

  • Spending time in nature to heal

  • Sustainability in your lifestyle

So far we have seen climate change in countries like china, UAE, India, Philippines, potorico, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Gaza, Syria.. etc

Pleases feel free to share and add more in comments to if you guys know more. Or I missed out on anything valuable information.



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