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Psych your self up for better results.

Delay: Cravings can hit hard, but if we can find a way to ignore them or put them off, they may go away. Most cravings fade within about 20 minutes.

Escape: Getting away from your craving—or getting it away from you—can really help it feel less powerful. (After all, you can’t eat malva pudding if there’s no malva pudding around to eat.)

Accept: Keep your cravings in perspective. You’re not weak if you have a craving; you’re human. You know the old saying “To crave is human.” (Is that not it? Does that not ring a bell?) Our advice? Accept that your craving is happening, and let it pass.

Respond: Notice when and where your cravings tend to occur so you can come up with strategies to tackle those triggers where they live, or even avoid them in the first place.

Substitute: When a craving hits, substitute another fun or healthy behavior instead. Pretty soon, you’ll find the swap that satisfies you. 

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