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🫶A beautiful lighting show that have done in NEWYORK CITY to show people of why eating plant is important. They have shown number of example to make people understand why it's important to live this way.

💕A bigger awareness on health & wellness, world hunger, our home planet earth, animal cruelty and disease & pandemics. They have used number of different sets of well known figures such as Jan Goodall, Cesar Chavez, Albert Einstein, Paul Macartney, Gandhi, and Billie Eilish.

🤩They also talked about how much UN has played it's role on saving the planet form climate change, real talk, profound solutions such as A global shift to plant based diet can reduce greenhouse gases caused by processed food production can save up to 70% by 2050.

17 sustainable development goals can be disparately need in active development.

  • ƒ SustainableDevelopGoal#2–ZeroHunger

  • ƒ SustainableDevelopGoal#3–GoodhealthandWell-being

  • ƒ SustainableDevelopGoal#6–CleanWaterandSanitation

  • ƒ SustainableDevelopGoal#8–DecentWorkandEconomicGrowth

  • ƒ SustainableDevelopGoal#10–ReducedInequalities

  • ƒ SustainableDevelopGoal#11–SustainableCitiesandCommunities

  • ƒ SustainableDevelopGoal#12–ResponsibleConsumptionandProduction ƒ

  • SustainableDevelopGoal#13–ClimateAction

  • ƒ SustainableDevelopGoal#14–LifeBelowWater

  • ƒ SustainableDevelopGoal#15–LifeonLand

  • ƒ SustainableDevelopGoal#17–PartnershipfortheGoals

🎈I can't seem to thank them enough for there amazing service and time spent to preserve our planet. Go 🫡🥰

I found there recent light show very fascinating.

Do watch it.

Comment below for more!



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