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Fast like a girl by Dr. Mindy Pelz

Great information shared by DR. Mindy Pelz

🫶I love it when she says it eat only when you are hungry!

🤗Breakfast is very important meal of the day.

⭐️More hours of fasting is healing your body via killing bad cells and more hormonal balance so new cells are forming.

👏🏽Breaking it down to key tones vs Glucose

🏋🏻‍♀️Exercise to burn of excess fat via using glucose.

🙌Using keytonrs to balance out inside of the bio chemistry.

🫡Intermittent fasting is very important

👍Summer fasting 11am-7pm food eating window.

👍Winter fasting 10am-5-6pm food eating Window.

🙏🏻Autophagy is a17 hours without food to cure belly fat issues.

🎊simple solution and bigger results.

😊She also tried 48 hours of without food fasting and she was able to cure many of her problems.

🙌 Break the fasting via introduction healthy fat such as Avacado.

🌏The overall goal is to how to heal the whole HUMANITY.

🥰Having more protein to your diet play important role in keeping the glucose spikes under control.

💕Set points to how many calories you are taking. Example 1500 and you work out to lose 500 calories. So you have a set point if 1000 calories. Keep that momentum alive to loose significant weight.

❤️Metabolic health is the major issue to taking care off. To avoid all the major health coditions such as heart attacks, diabetes, cancer, hormonal imbalances, stress, sugar, mental healthcare..etc

Great Author with outstanding knowledge has been shared.

Let me know if you guys want to collaborate on any of these issues.



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