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Fasting During Navratri

Nine days of fasting during well known Hindu festival NAVRATRI is to worship MAA DURGA THE GODDESS.

🙏🏻During this season devotees eat satvik food in other words natural wholesome food such as fruits, nuts, Lagunes, rock salt and vegan milk. Some also enjoy adding buckwheat and chestnut flour.

🧿Other Benefits of Fasting:

(1). Mental clarity

(2). Enhance Self- Discipline

(3). Devotion to Goddess

(4). Body Detoxification

(5). Renew Spritual Energy

(6). Improved Concentration

(7). Reduced Negative thoughts

(8). Heightened Spiritual Awareness

(9). Surrender your soul to become wiser

(10). Effective prayer for blessings.

🕉️You become more spiritually align. You understand the true meaning of who you are? And what you are here to do? Soul journey begins to become better version of yourself. in short Self discovery towards getting closer to oneness with supreme GOD.

🤗I hope you change your fasting from vegetarian to vegan for more productive results in your life. May god bless you with true happiness. I hope people understand the deeper purifications exists with being simple food than refined ones.

🩷If you have any underline health conditions than please seek health practitioners before doing this fasting. It may cause blood sugar to drop and stay hydrated as much as possible. Avoid too much caffeine. Eat at least one meal a day! Do not starve yourself.

Please feel free to contact me and we can continue talk more about this topic.



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