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Fruit Bowls

Vegan way fruit Bowls. We can decorate with oat milk whip cream and cherries. Lovely ways to add fruit to your dessert.

Papaya sliced open with choice of your fruits, for crunch roasted nuts and coconut, any omegas of your choice and chocolate moose or yogurt will make this dish paradise.

Cantaloupe fruit bowl with homemade vegan yogurt with granola, roasted pumpkin seeds and roasted pecans. Yum. 😋

Watermelon fruit bowl made with blueberries and parsley with cantaloupe and watermelon scooped out in small ice cream round shape balls.

Chia seed pudding with mango slices and roasted almond for crunch.

Pineapple fruit bowl with strawberries, blueberries cantaloupe and sliced pineapple.

I hope you like my findings and it should give you some ideas to how to prepare the healthy fruit bowls.

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