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FullMoon Meditation and Affirmation

Full moon meditation

September 29/2023

🤩Overview: intense energy, show gratitude, cleansing yourself and space, hidden emotions will be released, time to forgive, please release what no longer serve you, time to connect with universe.

👌Tips: set new intentions, ask univer to help resolve any issue, call back your power, I am whole again, balanced, disciplined, do bay leafs rituals and burn off negative emotions via writing it out in paper and than burning it.

🎑Full moon affirmation:

I am in the energy of expansion and unlimited Abundance is available to me.

☺️Everyday in everyway my life is getting better and better.

❣️I am only available for my dreams coming true.

👌Every resource I need always shows up at perfect time.

🤑Everything is being rearranged and lined up for me to receive exactly what I want.

💕This moon illuminates where I have been keeping the peace to maintain relationship agreements.

😊if harmony is only skin deep, but there is a deeper battle within, it's time to burn away the pretense

🤩I bravely Persue my professional goals and life legacy. I let go of the tendency to seek harmony at all costs and focus on developing my own senses of authority.

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