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Glucose Revolution by Jessie Inchausp’e

Author Jessie talks about how glucose plays an important role on what we eat. Eating sugar spikes up our sugar level inside our body and initiates having bad health problems letter on.

She shares some of the hacks to how to avoid it.

🥼how to eat food in order to reduce sugar spikes.

🍆Eat your veggies first

🍓Fruits with fiber

🍄Plantbased Proteins

🥑Grains with oil, spices nuts, seeds

🍪In the end eat sugar (cookie, cake, donut..etc)

🥸Stop counting Calories

Stop being too much in your had.

Not to eat too many calories.

It's all about SPIKES in the end.

Try to have savory BREAKFAST then Sweet one.

Wholesome are the excellent choice and juice or soda.

🍏🍋Having a vinegar drink before the meal plays important role in slowing down glucose rushing into the blood stream.

🏋🏻‍♀️exercise after the meal to contract those muscle to use glucose to reduce more spikes. If you have eaten excess cookies. 🤗

🫶How to come out from brain fog, sleep apnea, PCOD, hormonal, overweight, calorie counting, labels, sugar addiction...

✅how to reduce sugar craving habits

👍Know the difference between juice or Coke

🤗Over eating Pasta (grains)

👏🏽Learn the new healthy techniques

🤩Learn about bad carbs or too much

🙏🏻Having pleasure and improve at the same time.


Let me know if you have any questions.

Kinjal. ❤️

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