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Green Smoothie & Bowl

Green smoothie and Bowl

Serves 4 People

Gathering: 5 minutes

Final Product: 10 minutes

Ingredients: 1 coconut juice, 2 cups organic spinach,1 cup organic kale,1 cup organic chard,1 organic green apple,10 green grapes, 2 medjool dates, ¼ bulk of parsley and dill,5 leaves of tulsi,

 2 ½ teaspoon organic chia, organic hemp, organic flax seeds, roasted nuts of your choice, organic cacao nibs.

Bowl: green apple and grapes chopped, crispy organic rolled oats, maple syrup with cashew and almonds Yum!

Preparation: Place coconut juice first into the blender to help grind it easier Add all of the vegetables, fruits, healthy seeds, and probiotic juice Blend it together until you reach the desired consistency For the bowl add the smoothie first, garnish it with fruits, and sprinkle nuts and cacao nibs on top.

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