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Healthy Drinks

Drinks which are healthy to consume and no added alcohol.

✅Fresh fruit juices

✅Fresh vegetable juices

✅hot teas or cold one according to weather

✅Coconut water all time favorite

✅Fresh fruits smoothies

✅Green Matcha tea, coffee or hot&cold lattes

✅Budget friendly frozen fruits but try to use local, organic and seasonal fruits for your drinks.

If you were to buy it from outside than these are the count downs.

For sparkling drinks TOPO CHICOS, spindrifts, harmless harvest coconut water, pre and probiotic sodas , synergy Kombucha fermented drinks ..etc.

Your urine color should tell you that how much water you need to drink everyday. If you are drinking 8 glasses a day than it's amazing but over loading can be harmful. Do not stress about it. Do what you can do. Take it easy.

Healthy party drinks without alcohol can be equally enjoyable. This unique combination of herb and fruit or herb and vegetable can elevate new experience of drinking coolers.

mocktails rather than cocktails and plantbased eggnogs can be simply enjoyed by any age group people including pregnant women's too.

These is a lot to digest. But a lot can be learn via simply switching to Plantbased and alcohol freee lifestyle.

You can still enjoy life.



Let me know if you need anymore information!

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