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How to stop and overcome insecurity

How to stop being Insecure

  • Change your mindset

  • Don't judge yourself

  • Challenge negative thoughts

  • Heal your emotional self

  • Takecare of your needs first

  • Stop comparing yourself with others

  • Always be kind to yourself

  • Smile more often

  • Treat yourself with care and love

How to overcome feeling insecure

  • Get to know what makes you insecure

  • Always be greatful with what you have

  • Focus on yourself and selflove

  • Be a friend to yourself

  • Take small steps to build confidence

  • Spend time with people who care about you

  • Having Awareness

  • Understanding your response to this triggers

  • Use your strength

  • Remind yourself with positive achievements

  • Having faith and believing that you are capable for anything.

Thanks to Editor of these article Purvi Kalra

(Nutrition, Mental Health, Skin & Hair, Gynaecology, Fitness, Internal Medicine)

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