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Protein Smoothies

Updated: Apr 15

Types of Protein Smoothies

Try to use all organic and homemade protein powders.

Homemade protein powder: roast flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, oats (or gluten free oats) , sunflowers seeds. Cool it down and then grind it.

Dried fresh grounded legumes protein powder: dried protein peas powder combine with dried brown rice powder mix with nuts powder can gives protein rich nutrition boost.

All nuts and seeds protein powder: fresh homemade roasted chia, flex, hemp, cashew, almond, pista and walnuts ground up mixed with either water or Plantbased milk will also give unique blend of nutritious protein.

Natural Sweetener: fruits, agave, dates, maple syrup, monk fruit sugar, coconut palm sugar, coconut shreds or water

Protein rich smoothie ideas:

Go nuts: banana, peanuts, almond milk, protein powder of your choice.

Power Crunch: banana, almond milk, protein powder, hemp granola.

Peanut butter cup: banana, peanut powder, raw cacao, chocolate protein powder, almond milk

Protein Booster: banana, peanuts, spirulina, flax oil, almond milk, protein powder

Coffee crunch: cold brew coffee, banana, almonds, flax meal, vanilla protein powder, almond milk

Berry blast: blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, banana, almond milk, protein powder

Cacao Energizer: banana, raw cacao, maca, flax oil, almond milk, protein powder

I hope you like your creation at home.

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