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Is salad healthy?

Is it too hard to keep it simple?

Can we follow less is more?

WORST salad can be found everywhere such as:

: Fried onion

: ready made dressings

: loads of cheeses (Plantbased)

:Creamy Dressings

:fat free dressings

: Artificial sweeteners

: crispy processed add ons (chips)

: Too salty, sweet, spicy and oily

: Plantbased Blue cheese and Ranch dressings (loads)

: fried croutons and Plantbased cheese

: dried fruits with extra sweetness

:candied nuts and seeds

: Taco fried Salads

: Salad with too much Mayos

Best Salad can be done at home.

: fresh fruits and vegetables

: fresh nuts and seeds

: homemade dressing as simple as avacado oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice .

:Extra virgin Olive oil with zero sugar vinegars, salt, pepper and lemon juice

: steamed vegetables

: organic produce

: homemade plant based yogurt

: use nutritional Yeast for extra cheesy flavor

:fresh orange juice

:for crunch roasted nuts and seeds with no oil

: crispy vegetables for crunch as well such as cabbages, sprouts and cucumbers!

:roasted beans as well for crunch.

: limit the fat content in your salads

I hope you guys find this information useful. Do apply it. Remember your health comes first!



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