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Sound healing

🎼Sound healing is very powerful therapy that combines different healing music, sound different frequencies to improve wellbeing and experience uniqueness of our energy field body, mind, soul and spirit.

🔔Healing frequencies for emotions, organs and chakras when listen to in specific Hz. When brain enters a relaxed and balanced state, this stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system helping body's organs and tissue rest, heal and regenerate.

📣The 174 Hz - relief from tension and pain.

The 285 Hz - safety, energy, and survival

The 396 Hz - liberate from fear and guilt

The 417 Hz - facilitate change and undoing situations

The 528 Hz - create miracles and transformations like DNA repair

The 639 Hz - reconnect and enhance relationships

The 741 Hz - find solutions and self-express 

The 852 Hz - return to a spiritual order

The 963 Hz - create room for oneness and unity

🎙️Integral sound healing is highly effective at causing relaxation, which helps during a symptoms caused by chronic stress, while helping to get to wellbeing of entire body.

🎧Sound healing instruments and therapy techniques are used more in Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, gongs, drums, tuning forks and much more one on one sound healing session might help to cure out of it.

Please share and comment below for unique way of healing your self and your loved ones.



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