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The Pros and Cons of Minimalism: A life of Deprivation or Abundance? By Michael Ofei

Pros of minimalism

  1. Your spaces will look more appealing

  2. You’ll become more disciplined

  3. Easier to find things

  4. Increases clarity

  5. More opportunities for enriching experiences

  6. Gives you courage

  7. Teaches patience and contentment

Cons of Minimalism

  1. People in your life won’t understand

  2. Susceptible to over-thinking

  3. The burden of living up to expectations

  4. Gifting customs get awkward

  5. Minimalist aesthetic rules the narrative

  6. Many fail to move past the physical benefits

  7. Exposes insecurities

  8. Transition is hard

  9. Can feel isolating

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