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Vegan CindySnacks Market Wins Business of the Year!

👏🏽 BRAVO 🙌 First time ever Vegan Market wins a Business of the year Huntington NY!

🤩The fully vegan Huntington market, owned by Huntington couple John and Cindy Stengel, serves vegan goods.

💥✅It offers everyday essentials like vegan eggs and butter and dairy-free artisan cheeses, as well as hard-to-find items like vegan truffles and Go Max Go bars, which imitate candy bars.

💕❤️John and Cindy Stengel have never stopped putting animals and their community first, donating tofu turkeys to struggling families at Community Solidarity’s Huntington Station food share and vegan hams to Humane Long Island to exchange them for live birds at New York City’s live animal slaughter markets"

Thanks to Cindysnacks for her amazing support towards not only helping others but also look after birds and other animal sanctuary.🙏🏻

Amazing Start up


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