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Vegan Diet massively cuts environmental Damage

🗣️According to environmental editor Damian Carrington explains there is 75% of significant change in climate heating emission, water pollution and land use via other then meat-rich food.

👀Researchers name Professor Peter Scarborough from oxford university published in Nature food Journal that “our dietary choices have big impact on the planet”. Cutting down meat and dairy intake will significantly make big difference to out footprint on earth.

✅The UK Health Facilities suggested that in 2020 there should be regular promotions and taxation to high carbon foods and sustainable food diet should be supported by environmental food labeling.

With daily reports of extreme weather all over the world, the time for denial is over. Every day brings more alarming evidence of the accelerating levels of climate damage, and mounting reminders that people across the world are losing their livelihoods – and lives – due to deadlier and more frequent heatwaves, floods, wildfires and droughts.

Journalism alone won’t reverse our trajectory. But there are three reasons why properly funded independent reporting will help us address it.

1. Quality climate journalism reminds us that this problem is not going away, and helps readers connect the dots between extreme weather events around the world

2. Independent journalism that amplifies the latest science, data and studies puts pressure on policymakers to take action

3. Our work foregrounds solutions that encourage the innovation and investment in new technologies that we so desperately need

At the Guardian, we have climate reporters stationed around the world. We have renounced advertising from fossil fuel companies and have significantly cut our own carbon emissions.

Help power the Guardian’s journalism for the years to come, whether with a small amount or a larger one.

Give just once from $1, or better yet, power us every month with a little more. Thank you.

Thanks the Guardian news channel and editors of environmental crisis. Special thanks to Damian Carrington.

Thanks again.

Let me know your thoughts?


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