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Vegan Kaju Katli

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Kaju Katli Recipe (veganway)

25 minutes

30 servings


1 can of Coconut condensed milk

1 lb Cashew nuts

1 Tablespoons Keasr melt in half cup almond milk (give lighter yellow color to kajukatli).

1/2 teaspoon Cardamom powder

1/2 tablespoon Vegan ghee

Edible silver leaf (Varakh) as needed (optional)


  • Use room temperature cashews. Don't use roasted ones.

  • Take that into a food processor and make powder by using the pulse button. Do not over-grind otherwise, it starts to release the oil and becomes wet, pasty. We need dry powder here. 

  • Use vegan ghee at the bottom of the pan to roaste chashew powder.

  • Now add condensed milk mix it and cook with stirring constantly. Add kesar mixer as well and cardamom powder.

  • As it gets cooked, it starts to get thick and leaves the sides of the pan. Do not scrap the thin layer that stuck to the pan as it has become chewy now.

  • Keep cooking until it comes together like a dough. Depending on the gas heat and size/shape of the pan, it may take around 8-10 minutes. CHECK: make a small ball and If it is sticking to the finger it needs more cooking. If not sticking then it is ready.

  • make a smooth dough. Now spread it on greased plate with bottom of the steel Watki or flat surface.

  • using a knife cut into a diamond shape. Now let it cool completely and set. It may take around 15 minutes.

  • Now apply the silver leaf on kaju katli. This is optional but it looks good and just like the store-bought kind.


I hope you make it and share it with your friends and family this year! Please like, share, comment and subscribe for more!

Please leave any questions!



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