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Veganlocal updates 2023

Vendor List with Gluten-Free Options Here is the current vendor list for the November 11 & 12 New Jersey Vegan Food Fest! .

7th Heaven Chocolate (Gluten-Free Options)

A Plus Truffles (Gluten-Free Options) .aym. minimalist Jewelry Absolute Green Adamandas (Gluten-Free Options)

Amirasdelites Animal Protection League of New Jersey Ascend Cannabis Bake Me Healthy (Gluten-Free Options)

Baking A Difference (Gluten-Free Options) Bare Life (Gluten-Free Options)

Bevo’s Kitchen Binnie & Clode Co Bona Bona Ice Cream (Gluten-Free Options)

Butter Me Up (Saturday) (Gluten-Free Options) Cinnaholic Clean Kids Beauty Cocoa Creek Chocolate (Saturday) (Gluten-Free Options) Compassion Co Corn Soup King (Gluten-Free Options)

Crumbley Kitchen (Gluten-Free Options)

Culiraw Vegan Cheesecakes (Gluten-Free Options)

Cutco Co Desserts By Taryn (Gluten-Free Options) Dr Moss Jamaica (Gluten-Free Options) Eden's Sweet Ideas (Gluten-Free Options) Empanada Lady (Gluten-Free Options) Emy Delights and Bites (Gluten-Free Options) Fabalish (Gluten free options).

It was full house event. From top to bottom and right to left. A ton of vegan choices. Can’t believe we are growing this big and growing at a rapid race! Wow! Unbelievable! Had a great time. 🤗🫶🥰🤩✅

If you google this vendors I am sure you will find more information on where they are located. If you near by then I recommend to checking them out for healthy eating options. One of my favorite was Fablish. All natural and baked goods.

I hope you try them and see the difference.

Share it with your friends and family. Comment below for more!



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