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Ways to help the planet

♻️ A mere 2 minutes of convenience from instant noodles🍲 belies the centuries of harm they inflict upon our environment

♻️ Single-use, #MultiLayered plastics, also known as #FoodWrappers, are a major contributor to #GlobalWaste, according to 40% of all plastic production globally. Unfortunately, these #UselessPlastics are notoriously #NonRecyclable due to their complex composition and varying melting points.

♻️ But there is hope 💚 We can upcycle Maggi(instant noodles) wrappers using traditional techniques like the charkha (#SpinningWheel) and #Handloom, a process that does not rely on electricity, heat or chemicals.

♻️ These repurposed materials can then be transformed into useful everyday products. ♻️🍃🔰🌿🌱

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