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Women Achievers

GO WOMEN ! Amazing to see women can be big achievers. But we need more big high end unstoppable women.

Inside you will get all the scoops on who are those big achievers from epics, heroes to animated characters movies making billions.

Currently Barbie is only solo creator breaking all the records all over the world.

(6) Wonder women by Patty Jenkins

(5) Hi mom by Jia Ling

(4) Barbie by Greta Gerwig

(3) Caption Marvel by Anna Biden and Ryan Fleck

(2) Frozen by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck

(1) Frizen II also by Jennifer Lee andChris Buck

Thanks to and author of this article Kristen Acura.

We need this type of thriving and uplifting stories to inspire us to achieve big and better for the community, culture and become more wise!

Stay tuned for more


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