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World vegan vision


The mission of World Vegan Vision is to increase the public awareness about the 3 main aspects of Veganism.


It is now established beyond any doubts that a vegan diet is the key to prevent, cure or manage many diseases. Vegan diet is proven to help in type 2 diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cancer, allergies, lactose and gluten intolerence and many other ailments.

Animal Welfare

Vegan diet promotes animal welfare by not supporting animal agriculture and therefore not participating in the extreme cruelty and animal abuse inherent in the meat, egg and dairy industries.

Environmental Conservation

Animal agriculture is largely responsible for destruction of thousands of species of flora and fauna, pollute bodies of water and significantly contribute to green house gases.

We at World Vegan Vision are committed to organize activities to raise awareness about these issues. We will accomplish our mission via grassroots activism, outreach, social activities, fundraising, education and other means. We will also work in all the areas of the world where we can reach via the internet or physical local presence.

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