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Healthy Cook Book Recipes

Healthy Cook Book Recipes

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After many tries I have been working so hard to cure my health problems I have been suffering from back pain, overweight after pregnancy, acidity, gas, heartburn, and constipation After trying out many health tricks and exercises, nothing seemed to be working Finally I came across the Noom program and understood that it is more of a psychological issue than any other Noom helped me understand healthy habits, intermittent fasting, yoga, meditation, and to eat mindfully Awareness of how many calories are in specific foods and weighing me every day helps me stay alert And last but not least, transformation into a vegan diet and organic wholefood choices makes me fully energized throughout the day By losing weight, I have also learned how to follow a low calorie diet in making a variety of wholesome salads, juices, smoothies and healthy Indian food combinations.

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