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Welcome! It’s a pleasure to welcome you to this passionate little community. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn, or a seasoned professional exploring new ideas, Swasthya By Kinjal is here to inspire. Check out the latest posts below.

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Back to School 

Lots of Resources, References, Literature, Studies, Research, my own experiences of 6 years all of that information has been used to make this slides to make you understand the simple concept of Psychology. 


6 week challenge Level up 

Design to Get your desire life back:

Believe in yourself | Yoga | Mindset | Mind Fullness | Intuition | Love yourself | Healthy diet to lifestyle | Unstoppable | Thrive Rise | Confidence

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 Resources & Research vegan food complete guideline

6 week meal plan template: fuel your body with healthy and delicious vegan food to help you burn fat and build lean muscle 

Nutritional Guidelines Template: how to improve your diet as part of long -term healthy lifestyle change.

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Olivia Wilson

I highly recommend Swathya By Kinjal to anyone seeking positive change! I couldn't be happier with the results.


Kimberly Nguyen

I'm grateful to have Swathya By Kinjal on my side. Her empathy and strategic approach have made a significant positive impact on my life.


Samira Hadid

Working with Swathya By Kinjal has been an incredible journey of self-discovery and success!


Kinjal Patel

Vegan diet and sustainable lifestyle Trainer

My name is Kinjal Patel. I have a Master’s in Biology and published Thesis Research in Neuroscience. Have done a lots of volunteer work in different doctors facilities such as emergency medicine, internal medicine, Rediology departments, and Neuroscience, worked as lab assistant in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, stem summer programs, technician, program coordinator, substitute teacher, teacher assistant, assistant professor and data management at Pfizer pharmaceutical company.

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166 Parsonage Rd, Edison, NJ 08837, United States

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  • 2. Can we try it on first before signing up for it?
    Free trials are available. Three free secrets in lessons are available to get inspire.
  • 7. Is this Doctor’s recommended Course?
    Yes. Early start on living disease free lifestyle and curing family and friends along with it.
  • 10. Do we need to know about Calories?
    Yes, you do need to and I would say it’s must have knowledge to control what you eat and how much you eat.
  • 1. How lengthy this course is?
    It’s about 6 Weeks long.
  • 4. What type of diet is included.
    Vegan diet is preferred to loose weight. More healthier than any another diet out there.
  • 6. What is so different about my Course than any other course out there?
    My course is about following the whole Vegan lifestyle than just focusing on healthy habits. We all need to play important role in playing it safe for up coming next generation. Eating healthy along with saving our planet, our surroundings, helping farmers, participate in recycling world, giving back to who are unfortunate, decompose, growing your own, helping friends and family along the way. Heal your self first o heal others.
  • 9. If we miss the lesson can we go back to it?
    Yes, you can go back to it anytime, but with limited access according to what you sign up and how long is the course.
  • 5. How to follow this diet and how to get started.
    Everything will be discussed in the program along with free booklet will be given to follow up on. Which will have how to follow, what to follow, how much to eat with portion control and grocery list.
  • 8. How can we learn to cook new healthy recipes?
    Free Recipes are available on my other social media. Insta, YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok and Pinterest.
  • 3. How costly is it?
    Secrets are $ 9.99 Month (10 secrets are revealed) (1-2minutes per video). Secrets discussed in (4-5 minutes per videos) $29.99(10 secrets) Beginners $49.99/ Month 7 days free trial is included with 6 Week Course (Subscription Plan) One time charge $99.99 /Month everything is included. (10 secrets with 6week challenge course, vegan booklet everything)
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