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Best Snacks for weight loss

  1. Berries with Plantbased Yogurt

  2. Dry roasted Nuts and seeds

  3. Apple and peanut butter

  4. Hummus with carrots and celery

  5. Fresh fruit smoothies

  6. Green leafy vegetables juice and smoothies with coconut water.

  7. Fresh homemade crackers with chia seeds

  8. Whole fruits and vegetables

  9. Dates

  10. Dry roasted beans (garbanzo beans, edamame, black beans, lentils..etc )

  11. Popcorn

  12. Oatmeal's

  13. Dark chocolate

  14. Fruits and vegetables air fried chips

This articles have some more great choices for snacks but I would prefre to switch to vegan cheese, yogurt and cream cheeses. Or you can make your fresh batch at home to be budget friendly. It is always great to eat fresh raw and wholesome ingredients choices then packaged foods or processed.

The power of healthy snacks not only gives you energy throughout day but also keeps you full so you won't reach for other junck foods. Also it will help you loose weight!

Smart Snacking Tips

  • Portion Control: is the must have when it comes to even healthy snacks. When you over do it, you can easily gain weight.

  • Mindful Eating: keeping your mind into what you are eating, chewing, swallowing and understanding that you are satisfied with your meal. when body gives you signal that you are full then you must respond to be happy from within.

  • Preparation: always plan ahead or prep ahead so you exactly know what to get. Avoid last minute unhealthy foods to make a glitch in prosponding your healthy habits.

  • Hydration: have enough water to stay hydrated and avoid other non healthy, full of calories drinks to make you gain more weight.

Thank you for this type of direct information on health snacks and habits. We appreciate for this free knowledge.

Marygrace Taylor is a health and wellness writer for Prevention, Parade, Women’s Health, Redbook, and others. She’s also the co-author of Prevention’s Eat Clean, Stay Lean: The Diet and Prevention’s Mediterranean Kitchen. Visit her at

Madeleine, Prevention’s assistant editor, has a history with health writing from her experience as an editorial assistant at WebMD, and from her personal research at university.

Please feel free to have any questions about snacking. Drop it in comment below and I am happy to help you.


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