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Bhagwat Geeta inspired video on Self Discipline

💕Excellent video on Self Discipline and self development from Bhagvat Geeta.

🥰Don’t give up in any situation!

Having self respect, confidence for your body, mind and soul.

🥲Working on your eating and sleeping habits can make significant changes towards healing yourself.

🙏🏻Person who finds quantity and quantity in everyday activities such as eating, sleeping and yoga as exercises can make significant improvement in overall health!

🙏🏻Here are some of the biggest challenges that person suffers everyday which has been explained in our bhagwat Geeta that people usually tend to ignore.

🦋All of these 15 lessons which are explained in just one sentence. Fast forward to every day busy life. If we apply all of these guidelines to our life we can live pain free. It is doable and can be achieved. When we put our mind into it. Anything is possible.

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