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Day 3

📣 “I’m shutting your butt down”

Yep… ⏰ 48 HOURS LEFT ⏰

Time is running out to grab your spot on the $497.00 for 6 Week challenge course.

And I’ve had a BUNCH of questions, so I wanna cover some important stuff real quick...

If you are still sitting on the fence, here is what you need to know...

👉 When does it start?

✅ On 12-21-23 5 spots available Founding Members of $497.00 for 6 Week Challenge course will kick off their journey working closely with me to achieve get a life back withOUT sacrificing on sweet cravings.

👉 Who is it for?

✅ The program is specifically designed to put an end to hassle with your weight. It’s designed for people who’ve tried different attempts and still haven’t been able to lose any of their weight..

👉 What’s included?

✅ You’ll get a $1000 value course for only half of the cost, valued at even more than that..

“What equipment do I need?”,

“How much time do I need?”,

“I’m not sure if a remote-coaching plan is right for me”

👉 What equipment do I need?

✅ nothing much only yoga mat

To grab one of the remaining spaces comment below with…

We are unstoppable and ready to thrive and rise together..

Then hold tight for me to send you the sign up details straight into your messenger inbox.

But act fast… You’ve only got 48hrs before registration is closing!

👇 Comment below NOW to reserve your space. #people #video #comment #coaching

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