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Difference between Yoga and Pranayama

Yoga: is more about being well-being from mental, physical and spiritual Awareness. Yoga is also preparatory prerequisite to accomplishing a higher state of consciousness to achieve healthy and balanced physical body.

8 forms of practice performed under yoga: Niyam Asana, pranayama, Pratyahara, Dhara, Dhyana, and samadhi.

Benefits of yoga: stress relief, strength, flexibility, sleep improvement and heart recovery.

Pranayama: is healing our mind from breath work. Controlling the mind from providing fresh and deep breaths which allows oxygen to travel throughout body to stimulate more neurons to communicate faster and regulate homeostasis.

Also calm your body and mind.

4 types of Pranayam: bhramari, Kapal Bhati, bhastrika, and Nadi Shodhan.

Benefits of Pranayama: stress relief, control over blood pressure and improves sleep.

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