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Food system

What are food systems?

World Health Organization (WHO)

Food and Agriculture Organization

Food System includes bringing food from farm to your plate. There are many stages such as harvesting, transport, processing, distribution and consumption. Longer the processing phase it looses the valuable nutritions to full fill basic requirements of individuals. Mostly poor and middle class families suffer from heavily marketed cheap sugar, salty and fried food.

Why do we need to change our food system?

(1). Human population is increasing

(2). Don't have enough healthy supply

(3). Waste of food is increased

(4). Hunger zones are increasing

(5). Water supply is limited and polluted

(6). Increase in Greenhouse gas emissions

(7). Don't have sufficient access to vitamins and minerals

(8). People suffering from malnutrition

(9). Over eating and obesity is increasing

(10). More people suffering from serious illnesses

(11). Soil is degrading

(12). Climate change

We all need to participate in along with governments, health organizations, business leaders and farmers to lower all these 12 points to provide for future generations and live disease free life.

I hope this rings some bell in our everyday life and bring change along with friends and family.



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