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Fresh Fruit Smoothies

In this summertime take advantage of fresh seasonal organic fresh fruit smoothies.

Spirulina Surge: Blueberry, Banana, apple juice, Spirulina

Aloha Sunrise: Mango, banana, ginger, agave, coconut water, pineapple juice

Coco Kale: Banana, coconut, kale, mint coconut milk

The knockout: coconut water, flex meal, strawberries and peanut butter

Omega Mega: Strawberry, banana, flax oil, apple juice

Almond Berry: strawberries, raspberry, almond yogurt, almond milk, almond butter, flex meal and cinnamon

Go man Go: mango, strawberry, banana, orange juice, apple juice

Mango Bliss: mango, banana, spinach, apple juice, coconut water

Rise and shine: coconut water, banana, mango, oats, blueberries, cinnamon and almond butter

PB & Twist: banana, strawberry, blueberry, vegan kefir, almond milk, peanut butter

Banana berry crunch: banana, strawberries, oat yogurt, coconut milk, peanuts and hemp granola.

I hope you try to make it at home with fresh ingredients much cheaper than outsiders. Take a advantage of it. Like, share, subscribe and follow for more. Your support means a lot to me.



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