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How colors plays a big role

How colors plays a important role in determining your business design. #design

🔴 red is associated with energy, strength, power, passion, desire and love.

💗Calming, feminine and romantic, pink is associated with tenderness, vulnerability, youth, innocence and a gentle type of love.

🟡🟠 yellow and orange reflect energy, increased mental activity, creativity, and the feelings of being happy and comfortable.

🟢 Growth, harmony, freshness and fertility.

🔵 Blue evokes feelings of peacefulness, authenticity, spirituality and sincerity.

💜 The color purple is tied to royalty, power, nobility, luxury, mystery, imagination and ambition.

⚫️ A mysterious shade, the color black evokes feelings of power, elegance and formality. #lifestyleandleisure #growth #business #energy #creativity #luxury #power #love

# lifestyleandleisure #shading

Special thanks to Dala Al-Fuwaires gif sharing her new article on color design for your next business.

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