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Laughter Yoga

It's fake laughing exercises experience which benefits in mood change, feel more relaxed, tension free, let go of worrying, release negative emotions to feel happy and refreshed.

laughter yoga origins from India. Yuj is a Sanskrit word that means ‘to join.’ It is the origin of yoga, the discipline that unites the mind, body, and spirit.

Act as social glue, takes away depression, reduces blood pressure and increases pain intolerance with giggle.

Start with warming up exercises like clap, ha-ha, slowly add breathing exercises to strengthen lungs, use child like playful words like yay to excite the whole environment, greet others with hand and eye movements, the way to finish it up via deeper and longer breaths.

Ha ha mantra, smile with your eyes, laugh and walk, hand shake and engagement with everyone.

Namaste laughter, Mobil phone laughter, lion laughter and electric shock laughter.

Make funny faces for kids, for seniors bring out old memories or photos of your loved ones, watch funny movies together with friends and family.

Laughter yoga by Madan Kataria laugh your way out to happiness by Lesley Lyle and Laugh my App off available at Apple play store filled with funny jokes and mimics.

Thanks to creators for sharing their videos to inspire us to do such activities with our loved ones. Sharing some examples:

Please share this information with your friends and family to laugh out louder together.



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