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Let’s Heal

🆙Beautifully explained that our body cells has it own ability to heal it self. Simply by thinking positive. Great examples and most powerful healers were participants and shared there stories with healing others.

🆙Dr.Zoe the author of this documentary simply explains in the below video on how to rewire our brain thoughts into a manifestation. Respectfully allowing our consciousness to use our end less possibility to become more aware and powerful being.

🆙Healing from stress, back pain, Trauma, negative thoughts, phobias, bad habits, parasite cleaning, detoxification all of this problems just from mind. Reprogramming, hypnosis, changing thinking patterns, positive affirmations, asking who you are, and finding where you belong…

A lots of breakthrough from breath balance, brain balance, mental clarity, coming out of fear, hate, anxiety, sound bath and meditation, yoga .. etc

I would like to say thanks to all of these healers for there outstanding performance

Gregg Barden science of prayers.

Dr. Zoe healing his back from his mind.

Dr. Dipak chopra how to come out from childhood trauma.

Caitlin Woolery parasite cleansing and detoxification.

Dr. Darren healing negative subconscious.

Dr. David Spiegal hypnosis for bad habits.

Dr. Bruce Lipton on how to live in healthy environments

Let me know which healer was your favorite and why?

Share your knowledge.


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