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Postpartum Depression

This article talk about four different Sanrio's of women experiencing postpartum depression.

Depression occurs one in eight new moms and becomes more sever in such cases that can cause the death. Also very common to see many cases they can go untreated and non knowing it as well. So therefore there is more screening available now days.

New York Times spend time over four new moms with there unique stories and issues that they have suffered.

Allie's who is 28 had her son 8 months ago. And she experienced if she looks at the baby for too long then she will begin crying, if she would give her child to husband and rush to the bathroom and will start crying. If I carry the child for too long then the child might fall out from my hands. Very much insensitive and insecure with or without my son.

Carrie's story is about having depression is like physical weight. She already has two kids and having third one took a big giant step in chemical pregnancy than physical one. Whole pregnancy affected how can we afford it, how it can be mangable not working or taking kids to work, she could fully focus either at work or at home. Her priorities were changed, she misses the things that mad her happy at home and at work.

Janell's story is about depression on takingher kids away. She could concentrate on things, overstimulation and don't want to follow her profession anymore. She sign up for therapy and it's was not a good match then, she realized she might need mental health help as well. She started having panic attacks on they will take my kids away and something bad will happen. She started taking medication and now she feels better.

Shivani's depression story is about when she puts her child on her chest she starts crying. She struggled a lot with her pregnancy and had bad miscarriages. She was is too much pain after pregnancy like can't even sit up, hard time breastfeeding, she felt like a failure overall. She started to feel that my son can be better of without me, whole breastfeeding was a mess. She started having urinate tract infection. And after taking the therapy she started to feel much better emotionally and physically.

Wow! What a ruff ride.

Let me know your opinions around these stories!

Big thanks to for sharing such a stories to so we can relate too.

Reporter of these article Catherine-e-Pearson

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