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Renewal Energy Homes

Future home will have renewal energy stored with many movable components and with multi functionality. #future #energy #solar

✅ Solar roof top with closing and opening

🪟🎐Windshield Wiper build in

✌️ Robot Vaccum Cleaner Outside.

🌬️ Wind Turbulin build in court yards

🏀Basketball Hoops rechangeble (Spence effective).

🥗 Grow your own Vegetables.

🚗 Rechargable with auto car wash.

Smart technology with automatic turned on as you enter and security all kinds. #technology #security

Amazing innovation. #innovation

Ways to help planet 🌎 Earth!

Love that how it can have zero carbon foot print at the same time! 🙌👏🏽🤩🥰🤝

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