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Stress Relief

How simple yoga can make you feel free from stress.

🙆‍♀️Stretching and strengthening muscle can regulate your nervous system response.

🕉️These all moves can be done at home and at your own specific time.

🕉️Yoga will help stay grounded and centered.

🙏🏻Mindfullness techniques to keep us in present moment.

😍Focusing on our breath work will helps us stimulate our parasympathetic system to help you feel relaxing.

🥰Poses that this article covers is that camel pose, seated forward pose, legs up, warrior I, warrior II, hero pose, butterfly pose, mountain pose, child’s pose, and savasna.

😇How each pose play important role in calming ourselves down from mind side, body from deeper level, ground down in corners of your feet, toes, and heels. Wind down to more relaxed posture, too release tension from your hips, reduce swelling from legs, strengthening posture feels empowering, stabilizing and relaxing all at same time.

👌Thanks to Passalacqua for poses in-depth explanations, help to focus more on your body and feel more present, Whitney Berger who runs whitfitNYC helps to feeling grounded, Kate Lombardo teacher at yogarenew helps to quite mind and easy to sleep.

Have you ever done any kind of yoga poses regularly?

Did you feel any different after doing any kind of yoga poses?

Please let me know your thoughts so can help each other out!



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