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Sugar- free Mangonada

Very simple recipe to try at home. Comes together in just 10 minutes.

Spicy Mexican mango drink with sweet, salty, and spice from chamoy sauce.

Mangonada: All you need is fresh 3 mangoes, slice it , lemon juice, water and then purée it. Very simple

Have a Tajin seasoning or you can make your own with salt, spice (red chili Kashmiri (extra color)) and lemon juice with lemon zest.

Sugar free Chamoy sauce: apricots, salt lemon juice, ancho chilli flakes or chili's and brown sugar instead of artificial sugar or you don't need it at all due to apricots being sweet.

Layering it: get a big cup add one by one your chamoy sauce first then mango purée. Keep on layering it until the cup is full. Add fresh chunck on top plus mixture of lemon, salt, chili powder (tajin or homemade) on the edge of the glass and sprinkle some on top.

Thanks to Marta for sharing this recipe.

She is a certified nutrition advisor, weight-loss coach, and pharmacist.

Please comment below so I can know what you guys like the best or what should I come up with next. This means world to me!


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