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The real medicine

The real medicine hiding at your grocery store, in your kitchen or even in your back yard.

⭐️Star Anise: blood sugar regulation, immune system boosting, anti aging, improve digestive, blood circulation, hormone balancing, insomnia, ease shore throat and cough- cold.

🌾Wheat grass: high in nutrients and antioxidants, detoxification, anti inflammatory, promote weight loss, blood sugar regulation, and reduce bad cholesterol.

🌿Cilantro: heavy metal detox, reduce heart disease, rich in vitamins, reduce seizures, blood sugar regulation, reduce anxiety and improve digestive health.

✅Parsely: natural diuretics, lower blood pressure, promote bone health, animea, ear and antibacterial.

🤩Rosemary: improves memory, upset stomach, fights diseases, anti inflammatory, antibiotic, and hair growth

😛Basil: eye protection, ulcer treatments, blood sugar monitoring, immune boosting, improves clarity and promotes respiratory health.

👌Thyme: cold, cough antibiotics, anti inflammatory, regulate blood, treat respiratory, improve digestion and prevent heart disease

⭐️Ginger: treats anxiety, depression, nausea, motion sickness, boost dopamine, serotonin, dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

✅Shiitake, oyster and Han of woods mushrooms: hormones regulater, blood sugar, boost fertility, lowers cholesterol, anti viral, weight loss, reduce cancer, and boost white and red blood cells.

A lot more effective treatments can be achieved from these herbs.

Thanks to @the.Far.macy for such enlightenment of herbs which is nature medicine to heal from.

I hope I have helped you in a way to don't disregard your kitchen finding.

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